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Enrollment for the coming school year is now taking place.  Interested parties can call 237-6480 or 402-6480 (cell). 

The Tuition is $200 per student, per month                                          Matriculation Fee covering curriculum is $275 per year                           Testing fee for new students is $35                                                    Achievement Testing Fee (end of year) is $35


The Academy takes an individual approach to learning.  Since every person is different and unique so the learning of that individual is as well.  Every new student is tested with an entrance exam that specifies their individual level in each subject and that's where they are placed to begin their study.  Student work at their own speed and advance as they accomplish.  The individual approach allows each student to compete against only themselves and makes the curriculum fit their own specific need.


Each week a new bulletin is printed and available for those who attend our services.  The weekly bulletin contains a short outline of the morning message and a poem written by our pastor that coincides with that message.


April 16th is EASTER SUNDAY                                                            
Our Services begin at 10:30 for Easter and the evening service will be dismissed.  There will be special singing and a celebration of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus.  The Easter message is always an inspiring reminder of the value of rebirth and a challenge to share what Christ has done for us with those who know Him not.           For more information contact 237-6480 or 402-6480.


Each Tuesday evening at 7:00 the Ladies of the church meet for a Bible Study and all Ladies are invited to attend. The last Tuesday of each month they enjoy refreshments as well. Come and be blessed.  70 days to finish. If you miss a day just pick it up again tomorrow and go on. On April 1st we will receive an offering for translating & our Church can help fulfill the Great Commission for a people! Language: Madi We can help make the Bible audible for them as it is for us but in their own language. Set aside now a little each week for the special offering.

FAITH COMETH BY HEARING:  Listening to the Word of God on CD. 70 days to finish.  Hearing the Word of God in your language is such a blessing and especially for those who cannot read.   Missionaries are reporting great strides in reaching the lost in their area with this wonderful tool.  You can hear it for yourself by going to www.faithcomethbyhearing.com