About us
What We Believe

Founded in August of 1976 the Cleveland Road Missionary Baptist Church, named at that time, felt the need to start a Christian School.   The mandate to "train up you children in the way they should go" came from the Word of God and following the Lord's leadership the Academy was born.   Through the years it has varied in size from seventy students to nine student.  One thing remains the same, the committment to teach the next generation how to serve the Lord.  We are in the business of passing our faith on to those who come behind to carry on a legacy of service to God.

From the very beginning the Academy has taught Kindergarden thru Senior High School.  For lack of students there has not been a Kindergarden each year except when it was needed.

Accelerated Christian Education, or A.C.E. and now School of Tomorrow has always been the curriculum of choice.   The students have thrived and excelled in this unique manner of training.  The graduates have spread abroad all over the world leading successful lives in business, education and even some in the ministry.

The most unique aspect of our program is that it meets each student where they are and where they can achieve.   It is the most individualized form of education available today.   Students are tested into the curriculum upon enrollment and work toward an accademic balance and completion of the prescribed material for graduation.

Those who have an interest in enrolling should contact the office at 580-237-6480 or come by 901 S. Cleveland to see the facility.  For Tuition costs, Matriculation Fees, and Testing Fees go to "NEWS" on this website.